Using Sharepack is easy and climate friendly.

1. Order & eat

Order food online with one of the designated restaurants/shops.

2. Share your package

Have your packaging picked up the next time you order. You can also share the food packaging to one of the droppoints.

3. Get rewarded

Get rewarded for sharing your pack through a voucher for a Sharepack restaurant or store.


Sustainability starts with responsibility. A way so we can stay.

Why use Sharepack?

The business benefits

Circular products

Participating means that you can use our great range of circular products.


By participating, you can position your organization as 'active sustainable and positive green'.

Increase sales

Higher customer loyalty through a voucher for your restaurant. Increase your order value.

The consumer benefits

Free of charge

Returning a Sharepack is free of charge. We check it, clean it and redistribute it.

Get rewarded

Get rewarded for returning your Sharepack with a voucher for a Sharepack restaurant.


Sharepack saves 81% CO2 compared to normal packaging

Journey to a better place.

Sharepack uses sustainable materials for packaging to counter the threatening global resource shortage

Sharepack wants to replace and ban all plastic disposable packaging from our everyday life , through the use of bio-based materials such as bamboo fibers, straw fibers and rice husk.

Our vision involves a waste-free world, as soon as possible. In order to succeed, our raw materials must be reused as often as possible in our circular economy. This prevents the production of more products and, as a result, unnecessary CO2 emissions.

As a material choice, we have explicitly opted for melamine, stainless steel and

We make it possible for your company network to become completely circular.

Our goal is to innovate and inspire. We are pro-change. This is why Sharepack inspires companies and organizations. We invite them to participate in our movement and make them part of our circular chains.

We strongly believe that together we can make a difference.


Worldwide there is 311 billion kilos of plastic production per year. Three-quarters of all that plastic ends up on the rubbish heap, 12% is incinerated and only 9% is recycled.

Our smart, circular and sustainable chain solution.

Linear economy

In the current linear economy, products end up worthless as waste at the end of their life cycle.

Switch to circular economy

Circularity is the economic system where used products and raw materials are being reused without loss of value.

The impact

If a large number of sustainable organizations bundle their ‘’forces’’, the benefits are great and impact for our planet rich. This is what drives Sharepack.


A fair and social alternative to disposable packaging.

Work in a meal delivery and takeaway market?
This is how Sharepack helps you.

Many of our restaurant partners offer free Sharepack for their most valued customers, increasing their average order value and reducing packaging waste.

Sharepack improves your customer experience and increases loyalty with a sustainable twist. Everybody benefits.

Activate your unique marketing tool.
  • Join the program.
  • Get a custom designed droppoint.
  • Save the world from trash.

Sharepack is ready to stop single-use plastics.


Time to share. Time for Sharepack.

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